Student Recruitment Suite

The ultimate WordPress higher ed marketing package.
Everything you need to affordably outsource your academic program marketing to the experts.

Our Student Recruitment Suite combines the power of Program Marketing Essentials and Career Profiles Pro so students feel comfortable and confident enrolling in your academic programs. This turnkey solution to student recruitment works for any level—program, department, college or university.
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Included Plugins

Built upon 15 years of experience marketing for higher ed institutions, our Student Recruitment Suite employs a program-centric marketing approach that delivers exponentially higher matriculation rates. Our turnkey solution is faster and more affordable than any content refresh, website redesign or alternative marketing strategy.

Program Marketing Essentials

Program Marketing Essentials delivers all the information a student needs to commit to your programs—in one place—perfectly optimized for SEO and instant enrollment.
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Career Profiles Pro

Career Profiles Pro provides salary, demand and educational requirement data for careers associated with your academic programs, supplying the compelling data students need to feel confident enrolling.
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Additional Marketing Services

In addition to our turnkey plugin solutions, we can:

  • Write content
  • Configure your websites
  • Build your PPC ads

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